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Ai tracking traffic vehicle car recognizing sensor preventing collision
Autonomous Vehicle Sensor Fusion
Move forward with dynamic situational awareness and navigation
Add reliability and safety to your autonomy program

You can’t avoid what you can’t see — navigate confidently and avoid potential accidents with Trimble perception technology. Maintain reliable positioning data to keep your autonomous projects safe and on track.

Integrated Sensor Technology
Maximize reliability with an integrated multi-sensor approach
Safe autonomous operations in dynamic environments

Leverage multi-sensor systems that deliver reliable data, even in GNSS-denied environments. Trimble perception technology includes simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) to reliably track motion and inertial navigation systems (INS) to calculate relative vehicle positioning.

Reliability in motion

Track motion with GNSS and SLAM

Accurate even in GNSS-challenged environments

Relative positioning with inertial positioning

Cost-effective customization

Tailored sensor solutions to suit your needs

Perception technology for agriculture
Improve farm operations with autonomy technology that grows with you.
  • Reliably determine positioning information, even within challenging farming environments
  • Orchestrate more precise autonomous farm operations such as spot spraying with confidence
  • Protect expensive equipment from obstacles and other hazards during operation
  • Confidently navigate through highly visually repetitive and dynamic environments
  • Reduce costs by minimizing wasted fuel, maintenance and operator expenses
Perception technology for automotive
Keep your vehicles, customers, and autonomous program moving forward.
  • Navigate weather conditions and potential hazards that may cross a vehicle’s path
  • Integrate inertial navigation systems (INS) for added safety and redundancy with accurate positioning estimates based on motion
  • Reduce costs by avoiding the need for redundant sensors with independent perception modules
Perception technology for construction
Transform worksite safety and efficiency to build bigger and better things.
  • Navigate challenging construction and industrial environments riddled with hazards and obstacles
  • Maintain worksite operations even when GNSS is unavailable
  • Increase accuracy and consistency across machine operators with varying skill levels
  • Improve safety and efficiency within mixed-fleets of construction machines
  • Ensure equipment longevity by avoiding damage, idle time and inefficiencies due to operator error
Perception technology for logistics operations
Protect people and cargo in the most extreme conditions.
  • Increase safety and reduce incidents caused by weather conditions and human error
  • Confidently navigate tight maritime environments including busy inland waterways, harbors and locks
  • Correct for multipath GNSS positioning errors caused by bridges, buildings and other ships
  • Compensate for interference and jamming caused by land-based devices
  • Navigate busy, dynamic port environments with self-driving trucks capable of avoiding obstacles
Perception technology for mining
Dig deeper without limits and keep your crews safe.
  • Operate confidently in the most challenging GNSS environments, including open pit and underground
  • Overcome mining-specific sensor challenges such as positional drift and self-occlusion
  • Ensure safety with pinpoint positioning for self-driving machinery using real-time obstacle avoidance technology
  • Lower costs by maximizing the lifetime of machines and reducing the need for onsite manpower
  • Increase efficiency and reduce overall reliance on dangerous, manned operations
Autonomy in the news
Applanix releases updated version of POS LVX for autonomous ground vehicles

Applanix releases updated version of POS LVX for autonomous ground vehicles

Dual-antenna heading, compact design and calibrated high-performance MEMS sensors improve performance and facilitate integration with vehicle sensors.

Vehicle automation

Vehicle automation

Driverless vehicles – those capable of sensing the environment and navigating without human input – require robust positioning and orientation information at all times, in all environments. This information is necessary for the vehicles' navigation and control systems.

autonomous farming equipment harvesting a field
Navigate freely in any environment

By leveraging lidar-based simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) your vehicle has the freedom to reliably navigate in any environment. Scale your autonomy operation with robust scene understanding and obstacle detection — even in GNSS-denied areas.

Cost-effective sensor customization

Every application and operating environment is unique but sufficient coverage doesn't mean you need every sensor on the market. A one-size-fits-all approach can be costly. That’s why Trimble solutions are customizable to connect you to the data you really need.

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