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Uncover Efficient Aggregate Solutions
We’ve unearthed a superior path to efficiency
Let us take the load off your shoulders with efficiency-boosting solutions.

Today’s industry leaders are realizing the value of arming machines with the ability to optimize productivity, simplify workflows and maximize profits. Trimble Autonomy builds on decades of bringing innovative solutions to life. We make it our life’s work to intimately understand your businesses, practicing foresight over and over to better understand what you’ll need next.

Let us guide you along the path to better, bringing your customized autonomous needs to life. It’s time to ditch the status quo and let your equipment produce in ways you never imagined.

Challenging Digs Demand Smart Solutions
Drive your mining forward with custom autonomy from Trimble
Is the status quo burying your profits? Transform your operations for loads of new efficiencies.

Mining automation is more than just taking the driver out of the machine. Our solutions empower you to orchestrate the entire operation with mixed fleet interoperability.

Customize your automtous solution by combining Trimble’s centimeter-level positioning with inertial sensors that enable high-accuracy, continuous solutions for a safe and sustainable operation.

With easy-to-read dashboards that make it simple for anyone to monitor productivity data, making better business decisions becomes easier than ever.

Automation and robotics to prevent 10,000 injuries by 2025
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Reduce the cost to mine an ounce of gold by $135
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The smart mining market is on track to triple by 2025, with 25% of mines having deployed autonomous operations by then
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Autonomy in the news
When aggregate operations will become fully autonomous

When aggregate operations will become fully autonomous

The future of autonomous mining: A discussion with Trimble positioning and orientation expert Damir Gumerov.

How Trimble is embracing and maximizing mining autonomy

How Trimble is embracing and maximizing mining autonomy

While autonomous technology is becoming more and more prominent, it’s still a relatively new mainstream concept. In an era where safety and productivity is of the utmost importance, why should autonomy be embraced in mining?

Trimble Applanix delivers inertial navigation system for subterranean environments

Trimble Applanix delivers inertial navigation system for subterranean environments

Applanix’s LiDAR navigation solution uses its proprietary real-time simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) engine to operate without a GNSS signal.

GNSS Positioning is Our Legacy. Enabling Autonomy is our Future.
We’re putting autonomy into action while the world watches
Unearth a whole new level of mining efficiency.

We deliver integrated and scalable autonomy solutions that enhance what's possible today while futureproofing your mining operations.

Let our commitment to innovation pave the way to autonomy — on your terms.

We leverage over 40 years of global research and development experience in pursuit of bringing autonomy to life.

quarry with autonomous mining equipment