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Next Generation Centimeter Positioning and Orientation

Trimble delivers superior performance under challenging GNSS environments, with groundbreaking measurement management that leverages the latest developments in GNSS and Inertial sensor fusion.

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In 1992, Trimble® released the world’s first commercial GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver capable of performing centimeter accurate Real Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning. Although this first generation system required the user to position the rover over a known location to initialize the system, it was revolutionary for land surveyors enabling topographic mapping, stakeout and as-built surveys in real-time.
Follow-on applications such as construction machine control and agriculture resulted in positioning engines that have delivered rapid on-the-fly initializations and high update
rate, low latency positions. This technical bulletin provides an overview of the Trimble ProPoint™ Engine, the fifth generation RTK/ RTX precision positioning engine, engineered
to provide positions and orientation from the fusion of GNSS signals, worldwide correction services and measurement data from a variety of sensors.