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Autonomous Industrial Robotic Mowerfor Managing Vegetation on Large Surfaces

From mowing around fragile vineyard plants to high-radiation provoltaic farms and railyards, Vitirover robot powered by Trimble may signal the end of the glyphosate era.

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Automated mowers are not new to the industry. However, most are bound by wired space and plugged into a power source. The Vitirover team sought to develop a solution with more autonomy and flexibility in terms of power and application. A key impetus for development at the time was growing public concerns about the toxicity of the herbicide glyphosate, commonly used in agriculture, forestry, lawns and gardens to kill weeds and manage unwanted plant growth. As more countries ban or limit the use of the pesticide, owners of large properties need a way to manage large grass areas, such as along highways, railways, industrial areas and farms. A fully autonomous rugged mower robot could be the solution.