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Dimensions+ 2022 Offsite Expo

Will you be attending Dimensions+ 2022? Immerse yourself in innovation and be sure to sign up for the Offsite Expo, included in your conference pass. 

Plan your visit for an offsite experience that brings autonomous innovation to life.

Autonomous Construction
Get hands-on demonstrations with the newest systems and understand how increasing the level of automation on the construction site can produce high quality results with less experienced operators. The shortage of skilled operators can be met with an autonomous future that allows site management to focus their critical, short supply of humans on true value-add activities.

Machine Control
Discover how to make your machine work harder, with more efficiency and greater sustainability. See first-hand how machine control for excavators, dozers, graders, compactors, pavers, and many other machine types can help you operate faster, with less rework.

Connected Construction
Learn how data across the construction site can be used to improve workflows, giving you the right insights at the right time to make the right decisions. Experience first-hand how data from a construction site allows autonomous machines to be able to make consistently well-informed data-driven decisions, leading to higher productivity and reduced waste across a jobsite.

From the Offsite Expo to the Path to Autonomy
Get the full picture of autonomy in action at Dimensions+ 2022 with a broad range of sessions, including Advanced Path Planning and Machine Control Paves the Way to Autonomous Heavy Machines, Autonomous Vehicle Localization: A Blueprint to Getting There, From Zero to Autonomous Workflow in 18 Months and many more. Learn how Trimble is reimagining the levels of autonomy, developing the solutions that drive it and the collaborative steps we take in partnership with our customers to move their business forward. 

On-site Simultaneous Location and Mapping Demo
Don’t  forget to stop by the Trimble Autonomy booth for the map-based location (MBL) live demo. This in-car experience will show lidar-based positioning on the streets of Las Vegas without the use of GNSS. Riders will observe the system’s perception of the surroundings and the vehicle position through a graphical user interface that is a part of Trimble Autonomy MBL 1.0 release.

Click here for the roster of autonomy sessions and add them to your calendar. We’ll see you in November at the Venetian in Vegas!

Important Safety Information: The Offsite Expo is a live construction site and requires walking on a dirt path. Hard hats and safety vests will be provided. Sturdy closed-toe footwear is required. Attendees without appropriate footwear will not be admitted to the site. All visitors are asked to watch the safety video that will be shown on the bus to the Offsite Expo.