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Cut costs and tighten controls with your own private cellular network

Today's industries are augmenting PCNs with precise positioning technology for a competitive edge

In today's economy, it pays to find ways to be more efficient. In response, enterprises are turning to privatized cellular networks (PCNs) that can be customized to empower teams to run critical operations more smoothly, and with scalable performance capabilities.

Carrier networks have a limited reach, and can be bandwidth constrained. On top of that, industries continue to struggle with worker shortages and growing worker safety concerns. The advent of 5G technology enables PCNs to mitigate those limitations and move beyond them with autonomous mobile robotics, digital twins and situational awareness applications. All with security of data top of mind. But Trimble can take you one step farther…

High accuracy positioning — a better solution for today’s PCNs

Having your own PCN armed with reliable high accuracy positioning technology opens new doors for industrial applications such as mining, storage yards, ports, railways, airways, construction sites, etc., — in virtually any dynamic environment. That added security and accuracy enhances worker safety, lowers insurance costs and boosts efficiency.

Mobile robotics applications make PCNs ideal for applications like drone delivery, site awareness, asset management, smaller construction/maintenance equipment, etc. — thereby reducing traffic congestion and pollution, solving labor challenges and again, enhancing safety.

With the potential to access your PCN via handheld devices or support autonomous machines — from large construction vehicles to small robotics systems — high accuracy positioning is a must. However, GPS is not suitable for applications that demand higher accuracy. Unlike standard GPS capable of only 3-5 meters of accuracy, an augmented Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) utilizes positioning from multiple constellations for positioning down to just centimeters. Delivered directly through the PCN, untethered access provides greater accuracy and more precise asset location.

The increased productivity, security and efficiency of PCNs is why one European company requiring precision localization is currently in a testing and validation phase using Trimble RTX®, a cloud-based, precise point positioning solution that is capable of 2 cm accuracy in nearly any environment. 

Today’s industries need better ways to do more with less. That’s why OEMs are capitalizing on the benefits of cloud-based precision positioning to bring their solutions to life:

  • Global GNSS reference station network means no base station or hardware to maintain

  • Easier, faster set-up gets crews to work faster

  • Quick initialization enables work to be done anywhere, anytime

  • Network redundancy provides enhanced safety and reliability

  • Industry standard, real-time correction messages provide system compatibility with any third-party hardware

You’re the gatekeeper of everything, including data

Beyond putting an end to carrier subscription fees, PCNs provide additional security to protect your data — since you own your network, and all the data that goes with it. And your corrections are deployable even in remote locations.

Trimble’s RTX technology is already available as part of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Platform. The continued advancement of private networks, capitalizing on the full potential of 5G and beyond, can revitalize how you do business, transforming your bottom line. And Trimble has what it takes to get you there. 

Learn more about harnessing the power of Trimble’s unmatched positioning services via a PCN.