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Cultivate Customers with Autonomous Solutions for a Growing World


With the UN predicting the global population to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, business as usual is no longer a tenable option in agriculture. Production limitations and efficiency gaps, coupled with the drop in farm labor, simply won’t support the food demand. 

For companies faced with the challenge of rapidly scaling their business to keep their customers competitive, working with a qualified and reliable autonomy partner, who understands the challenges facing agriculture leaders, is a practical way to meet that challenge. Without the hassle or cost of building your own from the ground up.


Vetted Solutions Your Customers Can Rely On

Our work in simulation and testing illustrates the lengths we go to serve customers with ready-to-use autonomous solutions. These technologies are essential for rapid testing in the (virtual) field with test scenarios built in collaboration with our customers - troubleshooting and resolving issues before real world deployment. 

We start by consulting with our customers to understand their needs, pain points and environmental parameters. Using the feedback we get through frequent and ongoing collaborative discussions, we may easily spend hundreds of hours on virtual simulation alone — learning and refining until we get it right.

Once in the field, we set our sights on perfecting the workflow from every angle. Take sensor placement for example. Even slight variations might provide 2 additional degrees of coverage. Or you might get better coverage with one larger sensor than with two smaller ones. What are the right locations? We determine that virtually, then test as often as necessary to validate.


Use Our Experience and Our Legacy to Your Advantage

We put our tech through stringent and thorough testing, all with the aim of delivering high quality products that streamline efficiencies and productivity across the farm with intuitive autonomous technology that’s easy for anyone to use. The goal is to enable you to scale up quickly and easily, and maximize fleet profitability through interoperability.

Trimble has the knowledge base, the footprint and track record to provide you with reliable autonomous solutions that are already transforming workflows across the globe — case in point: the industry’s first autonomous sprayer through our partnership with HORSCH.


Solutions That Solve Your Customers’ Problems — At Your Fingertips

Having spent thousands of hours in the fields listening to farmers and going through countless iterations, we’ve come to understand many of the challenges within the ag industry. It’s all part of the commitment factor we’ve built into the Trimble + OEM collaboration equation.

We may have cut our teeth on GPS, but Trimble was already leaning into autonomy in the 1990s with machine control technology. By 2000, our technology was steering tractors with precision accuracy. See more of our early innovations in this video.


While taking the DIY route to autonomy can be tempting, the overhead, staff, material cost and solution complexity can easily become cost prohibitive. And the responsibility for resolving problems falls upon you. Partnering with an expert with all the right procedures in place brings you to market faster, saving you the hassle of building solutions from scratch. 

You might think of Trimble as the Dr. Watson supporting the many Sherlock Holmeses of the OEM world — dutifully providing our expertise behind the scenes to ensure your success. 

With some of the world’s best engineering minds at the helm, our teams are driven to ensure our solutions live up to our claims, so you can empower today’s farmers with the tools to stay ahead— not only with the pace of autonomy, but with the pace of evolving customer demand. Learn more about Trimble’s solutions for the agriculture industry.