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Applanix introduces the new APX-20 UAV solution with IMU90

Applanix, a Trimble Company, introduced an updated version of the Trimble® APX-20 UAV GNSS-Inertial OEM solution.  The APX-20 UAV is now available with a new external MEMS-based lightweight IMU type (IMU90).


The new external IMU90 is 85 percent smaller in volumetric size, 80 percent lighter, and uses 50 percent less power than its predecessor, the IMU82. This translates to efficiency improvements in flight time of UAV platforms and payloads without sacrificing APX-20 UAV performance.




The APX-20 UAV is designed to reduce costs and improve mapping efficiency from small uncrewed aerial vehicles. It also has all the benefits of Direct Georeferencing to UAV platforms including:

  • Ultra-fast direct georeferencing for any surveying and mapping sensor
  • No ground control points needed, which saves time and money
  • Consistent, reliable, and highly accurate results
  • Increased collection area per flight for greater productivity
  • Redundant navigation solution to autopilot for enhanced safety


POSPac MMS, POSPac UAV 8.6 SP1 or higher, and POSPac Cloud fully support the new APX-20 UAV. As of September 21st, 2021, the APX-20 UAV (IMU90) product is now available through Applanix sales channels.