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Making the Impossible, Possible - Successful eVTOL Flight at the GoFly Competition

teTra Aviation wins international "GoFly" competition with Trimble's precise heading tech, taking the future of personal flying devices to new heights.

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Engineers, inventors and other creators are working to make the impossible, possible by solving a tough question – how do we make people fly? While UAV/UAS applications are certainly not uncommon, personal flying devices are. Leading experts recognized the need for the application and called up any team able to create the world’s first safe, ultracompact, urban-compatible personal flying device.

Boeing, the world’s largest and most forward thinking aerospace company, has partnered with GoFly to turn flying dreams into reality. The GoFly Prize Competition is a two-year, international competition that consists of three phases where teams can enter in to win. The competition presented an opportunity for the teTra team to design and submit a device that gains visibility by large sponsors, win funding, and ultimately meet their end goal – to make people fly