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autonomous heavy truck
Products built to bring your autonomous future to life

Trimble Autonomy has been engineering innovative positioning technology for more than 40 years, leading the charge toward an autonomous future with products that put tomorrow’s autonomous solutions to work for you. On your terms.

We are committed to being your source for the latest advancements that drive precision, accuracy, availability and integrity with robust positioning and corrections products and precise inertial navigation systems. From automotive to construction to agriculture and transportation, Trimble provides the momentum you need to exceed industry pace. Let our 40 years of innovative expertise and deep domain knowledge guide you along the path to better.

Trusted, tried and true

Backed by more than 40 years of innovative know-how, our engineers are industry-recognized for their pioneering prowess — and driven to disrupt. Let our expertise guide you to better.

Easier, more-efficient solutions

We make machines work harder and smarter with intuitive efficiencies that ease physical burdens, streamline workflows and maximize ROI. And we do it by delivering unmatched positioning accuracy, even in the most challenging environments.

Taming tomorrow’s challenges — today

Our solutions position industries to weather challenges such as dwindling workforces. With a history of being the first to market with products of their kind, we are committed to providing customized precision to meet Industry 4.0 head-on.

satellite communication

Easy-to-use, low cost

Removes the complexity and cost of operating base station infrastructure

Access everywhere

Provides convenient GNSS corrections anywhere, anytime

Exceeds expectations

Delivers precision accuracy your workflow requires

warehouse showing autonomous connectivity

Compact and simple to install or transfer

Provides uninterrupted, precise position and orientation measurements even in the most difficult or challenging environments

Enables manufacturers and suppliers to accelerate autonomous development