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Aerial view of a golf course in construction
High-Definition Mapping for Autonomous Vehicles
Precision mapping, endless possibilities
To get where you’re going you need maps you can count on.

Trimble’s high-definition mapping solutions offer the highest level of accuracy while reducing your collection costs. Connect to the data you need more quickly, and move your autonomous program forward.

Superior Mapping Technology
Better maps with Applanix Direct Georeferencing
Collect and connect your data like never before.

Leverage Applanix Direct Georeferencing (DG) technology to enable your UAVs and aerial scanners to generate high-definition maps in real-time, without the need for ground-based control points.

Extreme efficiency

High-quality maps without the hassle

Automated collection

Centimeter-level accuracy with minimal interaction

Cost savings

Reduce or eliminate the need for ground control points (GCPs)

High-definition mapping for agriculture
Spend more time managing your land, not on data collection.
  • Precision planting to streamline plot delineation
  • Better plot-level geometry to support machine-learning analysis
  • Understand true crop health with more accurate height and volume data
  • Save on fuel, man-hours and overall costs by eliminating the need to redefine plot boundaries
  • RGB, multispectral or hyperspectral imaging for advanced analysis
  • Readily scale up to support large-scale farming operations
High-definition mapping for automotive
Unparalleled positioning, unlimited performance.
  • Use real-time maps to augment autonomous vehicle geospatial data (especially when GNSS is unavailable)
  • Maintain up-to-the-minute high-definition maps to power onboard navigation
  • Increase reaction time of autonomous driving platforms
  • Augment sensor perception in challenging weather conditions
  • Flexible architecture to integrate a variety of sensor and device data to leverage with cloud solutions
  • Improve route planning and overcome dynamically changing route conditions
High-definition mapping for construction
Keep your crew and your site safe, every day.
  • Reducer costs by eliminating the time-consuming, labor-intensive process of construction monitoring
  • Avoid costly human errors in traditional methods of data collection
  • Improve overall site safety and maintain compliance with real-time inspections
  • Evaluate construction progress and collect data for future planning
  • Monitor, identify and mitigate potential hazards on a daily basis
  • Collect imagery with an unobstructed line of sight that cannot be achieved on the ground
  • Combing high-definition mapping with building information models for a complete as-built picture
High-definition mapping for logistics operations
Stay on schedule and keep up with demand, safely.
  • Keep up with network demands and safely move more freight and passengers
  • Identify and mitigate potential equipment failures before they lead to disruptions or incidents
  • Capture precise super-elevation of rails, rail furniture condition and potential environmental hazards
  • Survey man-made structures in coastal waters and the ocean floor of harbors with precision accuracy
  • Operate in challenging environments where GNSS outages are common, particularly in harsh sea conditions
  • Ensure accurate collection without the inefficiency (and dangers) associated with traditional on-track or off-shore methods
  • Quickly assess asset integrity post-storm or damage event
High-definition mapping for mining
Production is everything, make the most of every yield.
  • Augment autonomous subterranean vehicle geospatial data with real-time maps, even in GNSS-denied environments
  • Quickly survey sites for changes in mine topology and development
  • Easily measure and aggregate volumes without the need to walk stockpiles
  • Leverage high-resolution data not offered by traditional satellite and airborne imagery
  • Improve the safety and accuracy of self-driving and automated mining equipment
  • Pinpoint the positioning of critical operational assets, even in extreme environments
Autonomy in the news
Applanix and Yellowscan deliver to L’Avion Jaune a high-accuracy UAV solution for landslide detection

Applanix and Yellowscan deliver to L’Avion Jaune a high-accuracy UAV solution for landslide detection

The M600/YellowScan VX-20 with Trimble APX-20 UAV for Direct Georeferencing is ideal for fast and safe landslide detection.

SABRE-SCAN integration with Applanix OEM boards redefines mobile mapping

SABRE-SCAN integration with Applanix OEM boards redefines mobile mapping

Using Applanix Direct Georeferencing OEM boards, SABRE ADVANCED 3D integrates precise positioning into the SABRE-SCAN, a high-performance mobile mapping system with FARO® laser scanner and panoramic Ladybug®5 camera.

Next-generation OEM solution for mobile mapping applications using GNSS-inertial technology

Next-generation OEM solution for mobile mapping applications using GNSS-inertial technology

Applanix introduces a hardware and software platform that provides unparalleled accuracy and performance for systems integrators.

drone for agriculture, drone use for various fields like research analysis

High-definition mapping without limits

Harness the possibilities of higher quality maps using Applanix DG which eliminates the need for time-consuming survey prep. Survey farther, faster, and more remotely with UAVs that do not require ground control points (GCPs).

Los angeles aerial view from helicopter

Faster processing comes standard

Spend time using your data to make decisions, not collecting it. Applanix DG calculates image position and orientation in real-time. By referencing ground coordinates at the same time, you get accurate survey data on the first pass, ready to use.

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