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cars driving down the highway showing connectivity
Precise positioning for automotive and autonomous applications

Trimble is a leading provider of precise positioning solutions that offer high-accuracy orientation and continuous mobile positioning for applications such as autonomous vehicles and field robotics. Used by systems integrators and OEMs around the world, Trimble provides uninterrupted, precise positioning and orientation solutions built for today’s dynamic road environments.

ADAS testing

Real-time accuracy is required to position a vehicle on a test track, or to orientate and position the sensor data in order to obtain a precise measurement. The performance, reliability and repeatability of the Trimble BX and RT products facilitates accurate validation and verification. Direct CanBus (as well as serial and ethernet) integration further simplifies the integration with test platform interface leading to low latency with high stability of data output. Time tagging sensor output is efficient, ensuring accurate localization to various road features.

Trimble BX, together with Trimble RTX GNSS correction services, provides users with real-time, high-accuracy positioning via satellite or internet, worldwide without the need for terrestrial infrastructure such as cellular networks, radios, or modems, and without the need for base stations, reducing cost of deployment for testing.

Systems and services: The BX922-ER, Trimble RT200, Trimbel RT300 and Trimble RTX are available for ADAS testing. Check out the details below.

vehicle testing track
Autonomy prototyping

Trimble offers vehicle manufacturers the tools and engineering expertise needed to support and augment autonomous vehicle development development and commercialization cycle.

Our fully customizable solution includes field-tested, proprietary software and hardware for highly accurate positioning, as well as experienced engineering and integration services to support your entire project.

Trimble enables autonomous vehicles to navigate themselves through difficult driving conditions by integrating our navigation solution with all sensor types, including multiple cameras, LiDAR, and radar and ultrasonic sensors, and building for compatibility with all vehicle types.

Systems: Check out our Trimble BX992-ER system for autonomy prototyping below.

positioning system set up on top of vehicle
Ground truthing and autonomous system testing

Manufacturers and suppliers require robust position and orientation systems for autonomous testing and development. Trimble’s inertial navigation solution delivers high accuracy for precise reference systems and POSE estimation in a low-cost, high-volume solution.

The Trimble POSPac MMS® solution is optimized for all environments and platforms and compatible with a variety of mapping sensors. This smart software solution and automated batch processing achieves both maximum accuracy and efficiency for Direct Georeferencing.

POSPac Cloud® is a cloud-based version of POSPac MMS®. The interface to the cloud service is via API. It enables data collected from Trimble GT hardware to be processed through the internet.

Systems: Check out more information on the Trimble GT and POSPac below.

Vehicle sensing and perception
Ports and logistics

Ports and harbors benefit from the automation of Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG) cranes and reach stackers, which significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs however, the automation of this equipment requires precise positioning for management logistics software that can track and position equipment for loading, unloading, and stacking.

Often, the robotics found in industrial, civilian and military applications encompass a wide range of areas where the use of a direct human operator is non-economical, inconvenient, dangerous or impossible.

Applications in this industry may consist of continuous mobile positioning for operation or sensors to observe the environment. With the help of Trimble technology, the vehicle can behave autonomously or send information to a remote human operator.

Systems: The Trimble BX992-ER and RT200 are suitable systems for your port and logistics operations. Check out more information below.

Port operations
Shuttle or taxi

When transporting people or products autonomously, safety is paramount. The many sensors on autonomous vehicles are used to give the vehicle awareness of its surroundings and any obstacles it might encounter, protecting the driver and passengers. However, the other key component of ADAS technology is information about the vehicle’s global position, speed and orientation. These precise POSE estimations are a critical component of the vehicle safety infrastructure.

Autonomous vehicle development and validation for logistics and transportation requires robust and repeatable positioning and localization. Trimble RT inertial navigation systems deliver the real-time positioning, performance and accuracy necessary for effective benchmarking, ground truthing and real-time operation.

Systems: Check out our Trimble BX992-ER system for autonomy prototyping below.

signals to and from vehicle while operating
High-definition mapping

HD maps are on track to change the way we understand our world. involves surveying from a moving vehicle, often at a high speed, with integrated scanning and imaging technology to collect dense point data in the cloud. This data is then combined with rich imaging to create detailed visualizations of formerly inaccessible areas. This technology improves efficiency and productivity while decreasing costs by making it possible to complete week-long data collection projects in days. The Trimble GT is a highly accurate georeferencing solution which will allow you to capture data quickly while also simplify post-processing by not requiring excessive point cloud correction, e.g. - removing duplicate objects.

The Trimble GT enables rapid data collection of imagery and laser mapping data to create a database for subsequent rendering for city modeling, infrastructure development and management (such as bridges and overpasses), asset management and environmental simulations to prevent damage from natural disasters.

Systems: Check out more information on the Trimble GT and POSPac below.

vehicle high definition mapping