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autonomous solutions for all businesses
About us
We are a team of thinkers, visionaries and doers with our heads up and boots on the ground. We focus on enabling autonomy for you on your terms.

The Trimble Autonomy platform enables our partners to optimize their solutions to break barriers and provide true independence to customers in the field. Built from deep domain knowledge, our business has evolved over decades through rolled up sleeves and robust, rich data collected across the globe.

Our team of engineers, researchers and developers is there to guide you along every step of your autonomy journey.

engineer standing in front of data models
Our approach to a future with autonomy

Full Stack

We will provide both modular product offerings and full end-to-end solutions that automate off-road workflows.

Decision Engine

We reduce and eventually replace human-in-the-loop decisions from the business process.


We understand the world around the vehicle so we can remove the operator and provide valuable information for the end user and data analytics.

Functionalty Safety

We control the vehicle and the work tool in such a way as to minimize the chance of serious bodily harm.


Our simulation and visualization tools enable rapid product development and will provide customers with monitoring systems for tracking operations in real-time.


We will build into our products ready to access our autonomous solutions to build better products and create customer applications.

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Autonomy on your terms. Powered by Trimble.
Let us guide you, to the next step, and the next step, on your path to better.

Trimble's autonomy platform enables advanced positioning in any environment, meeting customers’ needs in real-time, ahead of time, when it matters most.